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What is it like to work at HSL?

We asked our staff to give us some feedback about what it is like to work at HSL, as we come to the end of our second year.  Here are some of their wonderful comments:

It is an absolute privilege. School communities like this are incredibly rare and I genuinely feel so grateful that I get to work in this school, within this staff body and with such great pupils everyday. 
What is so refreshing is that everyone chips in, everyone is keen to help and action is always taken to fix the issue. We are definitely a solution-based school and that breeds a 'can-do', incredibly positive and supportive environment.

HSL is a wonderful school to work at. The environment created by the senior leadership team is hugely positive, supportive and one with incredibly high expectations of staff members and pupils alike. They all conduct themselves in a highly professional manner with the pupils best interests always at the fore. 
The whole staff team are approachable, friendly, conscientious and diligent which ensures that as part of the team you are always striving to be the best version of yourself. It is a pleasure to come to work every day!

Challenging, rewarding and heart-warming. We are really fortunate to have the leadership, team and students that we do. 

I feel very proud to be a part of the team at HSL because not only it is an educational institution that does the best academically for the students, but they also really look after the mental wellbeing of the children.

HSL is a fantastic place to work. I feel supported with regard to all things welfare, whilst highly motivated to deliver the highest levels of practice I possibly can. A motivating and enjoyable workplace.