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Individual Learning Department

We recognise that pupils have individual educational needs that should be taken into account. The school seeks to raise achievement, remove barriers to learning and to increase physical and curricular access for all. All pupils with SEND are valued, respected and equal members of the school. As such, provision for pupils with SEND is a matter for the school as a whole. All teachers are teachers of pupils with SEND. However, we believe that pupils with additional needs may, at times, require extra resources if they are to achieve their potential. 


Mr Matthews is our named Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENDCo). 

The department also employs Teaching Assistants (TAs).  TAs not involved in supporting physically or sensory disabled pupils may have links with particular subject areas. 


The Individual Learning Department aims to support students who are experiencing difficulties in the following areas: cognition and learning; communication and interaction; behavioural, emotional and social development; sensory and/or physical. As well as giving direct support to pupils, we liaise closely with staff across the curriculum, giving and receiving advice on pupils' needs. Pupils are assessed by the department for exam access arrangements. 


The Individual Learning Department, known as ‘The Hive’ is housed in a designated area within our school building. It comprises of: 

  • 2 teaching rooms suitable for small groups. These are equipped with a data projector and screen, and computer access. 
  • 2 offices 
  • A therapy room 
  • A storage area 

Transition and Monitoring 

In the summer term, prior to secondary transfer, contact is made with all feeder schools. Parents of children on the SEND register are invited to meet Mr Matthews or one of his team to discuss provision. Subject teachers are briefed with details of pupil needs through the SEND register and a 'Pupil Passport' that gives a profile of the pupil's strengths and weaknesses, and suggests strategies to use in the classroom. On entry to the school pupils have their literacy skills assessed and a graduated approach of action and provision is implemented. All pupils at the level of SEN Support or EHCP will have a Pupil Passport. Their progress will be monitored across the curriculum and reviews will be held at least twice a year. Parents are invited to contact the department at any time if they have concerns about their child's progress. 

For more detail, please see the school’s SEND Inclusion Policy &SEND Information Report (below)