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House System


The High School Leckhampton adopts a House system as we feel that this will allow each child to fully immerse themselves in our school’s values and is at the heart of our pastoral care provision. Along with being a part of a happy, safe, and supportive community, the House system allows all pupils to engage with the spirit of competition throughout the school day.  

Each child who joins the school is placed in one of our four Houses. These Houses are: 

  • Lilley Brook 
  • Isbourne  
  • Windrush  
  • Chelt 

    All pupils will go through a journey during their time at The High School Leckhampton, much like the rivers and tributaries we have named our houses after, and we believe that their journey will be an incredibly positive, enjoyable, and enriching one! There is a wealth of opportunities for all students to get involved in, from varied house competitions to the house council. We strongly believe that the more the children put into their school experience, the more they will get out of it! 

    Although each house will have its own “personality”, certain principles apply to all. It is hoped that each House provides pupils with an education of the highest quality so that they leave The High School Leckhampton with the qualifications, skills, and personal qualities they need to lead a successful life.  

All Houses Aim to Ensure: 

  • A commitment to the highest academic standards 
  • A caring and stimulating environment  
  • A partnership with all pupils and parents 
  • A supportive community is established and achievements are celebrated 
  • A wide range of House activities and competitions are available to students including Sports Day, House events and House assemblies 

Through our pastoral systems, each House demonstrates an unwavering commitment to the welfare of each pupil and as such, safeguarding procedures are followed as and when necessary.  

As the school grows, so will the pastoral team of the school and Head of Houses will be appointed to support the happiness, safety, and welfare of all pupils in their house.  

Pastoral Team at The High School Leckhampton: 

Miss A O’Riordan – Designated Safeguarding Lead at The High School  

Mrs H Wood – Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Tutors are: 

Mrs G McAlpine - Y7 Windrush

Mrs I Simms - Y8 Windrush 

Miss K Hancock - Y7 Chelt

Miss L Jones - Y8 Chelt

Miss K Kennedy - Y7 Lilley Brook 

Mrs A Heron - Y8 Lilley Brook

Mrs L Claydon - Y7 Isbourne

Mrs A Cox – Y8 Isbourne

All members of staff at The High School Leckhampton have a duty of care to safeguard the children.

House Competitions 

The house system we operate provides the perfect structure for organising interschool competition. Each house competes in a range of competitions including; House music, House dance, House languages and House sporting events such as cross country and sports day. Each event is fun, enjoyable and we would hope that all students would get involved and represent their house with pride through these wonderful activities. 

In addition to these events, House Points for Effort, Achievement and Community are also tallied and added to the overall House scores.  Houses thus accrue points throughout the year, at the end of which a House Champion is celebrated.

In the first half term, our pupils have already got involved in a variety of competitions! 

The winners of the 'House Maths Relay' were Windrush!

The winners of the 'PSHE Quiz' were Isbourne!

The winners for House Cross Country were Isbourne!

A brilliant effort was displayed from all students who took part. 

House Council 

Each house also has its own House Council which meets once every half term. Each form sends two representatives who raise issues which have emerged from discussions with the tutor group. Miss O’Riordan attends these to chair the meetings and to feedback to Mrs Wood the findings of each house.  

The council will be instrumental to several key developments in the school and we are really keen to hear the representatives from each house and their passion for our school to be the best it possibly can be! 

Our first House Council session will be held on the 9th November with two elected form captains representing each house from a democratic vote. We believe pupil voice is key and we look forward to hearing what our children think about making the school an even more enjoyable place to be!

House Prefects 

As children progress through the school, older students are encouraged to support younger pupils. During Year 11 pupils in each house are encouraged to become prefects. There will be two grades of prefect at The High School Leckhampton – School Prefect and House Prefect. School Prefects have a higher status and a wider range of responsibilities than House Prefects. From the ranks of School Prefects come House Captains and Vice-Captains who form a senior body of pupils consulted from time to time on matters of school policy. 

House VLE Pages 

Each House has its own page on the The High School Leckhampton VLE. Its main purpose is to inform and celebrate any events which have occurred throughout the present school year. This can be accessed by all pupils and by any parent, from September, who requests a password via or e-mailing Mrs Georgie McAlpine –