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What is it like to be a pupil at HSL?

At HSL, we take pupil voice seriously and value honest feedback from our pupils. We always want to hear from the pupils about what they enjoy and how we can make their school experience rich, purposeful and engaging. Below are just a snapshot of some of the comments our pupils have made this year.

It’s great to be a student at HSL because I feel safe and supported in this school. I enjoy lessons and I appreciate the effort teachers make for us in our lessons. Lessons are meaningful and I always learn something new.

I am really happy here because also I have friends who were easy to make, despite me being a bit nervous to talk to people.

It's very fun and there are lots of clubs and sports events to get involved in. School makes me happy and I enjoy the subjects we learn. The teachers are all very kind and welcoming too. I feel safe and know who I can talk to.

Being a pupil at HSL means being included and supported, if you need it, in every subject you do.

I feel like I am respected for who I am, and I don't get bullied or left out of anything. There are lots of clubs that people can get involved in.

It is really enjoyable and everyone makes it a nice experience. The lessons are fun and interactive.

I love being a pupil at HSL as I feel safe, and I have many amazing members of staff who support me. The lessons are great fun!