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The High School Leckhampton is a ‘uniformed’ school. We hope that our uniform engenders a feeling of belonging and a sense of pride in the school community. It has been designed to promote a collective identity, where every child feels included and that any differences in family income are not apparent. The items have been chosen in order to provide a smart, durable, working outfit for school that represents good value for money for our parents. There is a clear expectation that students attending The High School Leckhampton will wear the full uniform appropriately and that this expectation will be supported by parents.

Our policy is based on the notion that a school uniform:

➢ Promotes a sense of pride in the school

➢ Engenders a feeling of community and belonging

➢ Is practical and smart

➢ Identifies the children with the school

➢ Is not distracting in class (as fashion clothes might be)

➢ Makes students feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance and financial circumstances

➢ Is regarded as suitable and good value for money, by most parents

Our suppliers have been carefully selected according to:

➢ Their ability to provide items that are good quality, represent good value for money, and can evidence a reliable supply chain

➢ Their customer service

➢ Their approach to the environment and sustainability

The school will regularly evaluate this criteria and seek feedback from pupils and parents.

For specific details of the items please see our Uniform Policy (below). 


School specific items will be available to purchase from our two suppliers:

Universal Uniform

Unit V1 Kingsville Road
Kingsditch Trade Park
GL51 9LX

01242 580062


252 High Street
GL50 3HF (Opposite Wilkinsons)

01242 523632