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Super Curriculum

Inspiring curiosity by taking our curriculum further.

We are very proud to be developing a ‘Super-Curriculum’ for our pupils, hoping to capture the imagination of our pupils from the moment they join us. As well as following the normal curriculum, our pupils will have the opportunity to extend their learning by engaging with a programme of super-curricular enrichment, delivered on Curriculum Days or be offered as clubs at lunchtime or after school.

What is a Super-curriculum?
Super-curricular activities are those that take our regular curriculum further. For example, teachers may go into more depth on something they usually teach in the classroom, or study a new topic altogether.
These learning activities will be SUPER! –
S – stimulating
U – unfamiliar (beyond the normal curriculum)
P – perplexing and provocative
E – extending and enriching
R – riveting and remarkable

Why is the Super-curriculum important?
We hope our super-curriculum will benefit pupils in a number of ways:
• By adding intellectual value, specifically providing opportunities for extension or enrichment
• Providing additional stretch beyond the regular curriculum
• Stimulating curiosity and inspiring pupils