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Ice breaker Disco  - 24th September 2021


The icebreaker disco will be held from 7:00pm to 8:30pm in the Main Hall at Balcarras. To allow all Year 7’s the opportunity to attend the inaugural HSL PTFA event, the SCOPAY payment for attendance at the event has been extended until 24th September.

There was a rumour that there would be a separate area just for parents, perpetuated by our lovely flyer. The Balcarras sixth form common room has been commandeered for this, so please head over there after dropping off your little darlings. Our amazing HSL teaching staff will be on hand to ensure the Year 7’s are having fun without their parents (...maybe a dance-off?). Please can children bring their own named water bottles, and they will have access to unlimited squash for the evening.

This is primarily an opportunity for the Year 7’s to let their hair down and for parents to use the brief opportunity to socialise we have quickly found out, we are no longer welcome to congregate by the bus-stops now that they go to secondary school!

Now, although it is the PTFA’s obligation to sell you bargain booze at exorbitant prices, this is our inaugural year, therefore we are yet to establish as a fully-fledged PTFA and currently do not have two pennies to rub together. Instead of selling, we are taking the unorthodox approach just for this event to asking everyone to BYO drinks (and glasses to keep it eco -friendly), or bring and share if you are feeling generous: bring a bottle of prosecco; bring a magnum of champagne; bring a cocktail shaker; bring the whole drinks cabinet!

The PTFA aims to raise money to support HSL, with further events in the planning such as a weekly cake raffle and a quiz night (hopefully with a fully fledged bar). Support and participation in these events by parents will make a big difference to the school and it’s community. Voluntary donations, to support us with these events, will of course be very gratefully accepted on the night and we kindly ask you to consider bringing any loose change.

Due to the catchment area for HSL it is anticipated that parking may be required for parents at this first event at Balcarras. If visitor spaces fill up, please note that the staff car park will be available, accessed from Balcarras Road.

The PTFA committee are very much looking forward to getting to know you, and you might even consider volunteering to help us with our future events!

Yours gratefully,

HSL PTFA Committee