The High School Leckhampton The High School Leckhampton

Teach the Teacher and Enrichment Day

Pupils have been busy this week, with all things Eco. 

On Monday after school, the Eco-Committee members led a Teach the Teacher Climate Education session, which our staff enjoyed and learnt a lot from.

The High School Leckhampton hosted our second enrichment day of this academic year. All students and staff spent the day learning about the causes of, and solutions to, climate change, linking to our status as an Eco-School and our commitment to look after our environment and build a sustainable future for all.

During the day, students had the opportunity to meet local individuals and organisations and learn about the work they do to protect our environment.

One of the activities run by the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust gave some students the opportunity to make their own bird feeders using pinecones.

Please look out for more pictures in February's Newsletter.