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Weavers Field Community Orchard Tree Planting - Wednesday 17th January 2024

Yesterday at 10am we headed off to Weavers Field to plant some trees. We arrived at 10:30 where we met the Park Rangers. We had a talk where they told us how to plant the trees and we got to hold a shovel the Queen had held and used before. We grabbed our shovels, got into groups of two and found our spot. We then dug a deep hole for the trees to fit in, placed the tree inside and covered it back up. We were then surprised with some refreshments including hot chocolate, tea, coffee and LOTS of biscuits! During this we named our trees Fred, Lorax, Napoleon, Bob, and Juniper. Then we put wire around the tree to stop animals breaking in. We took LOTS of pictures and had so much fun! 

Thank you Miss Kennedy for organising another amazing, successful trip!

By Annabelle McKenna 8CH