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Philosophy Week

Last week students were encouraged to "think like a philosopher" as they took part in our first Philosophy Week.  

Tutors introduced the idea of philosophy in tutor time on Monday, starting off with a discussion about what philosophy is.  Throughout the rest of the week tutors and teachers included some interesting questions in registrations times and lessons: Can kindness change the world?  What is the difference between kids and grown ups?  Are the best things in life free?

On Tuesday or Wednesday in their year-group assemblies, students were invited by Mrs Cox and Mr Newman to consider "What makes a 'good life'?  They explored this further with their tutors later on in the week. 

Finally, we took a break from the regular RE curriculum, with lessons on Christianity or Hinduism giving way to more philosophical questions surrounding the existence of a soul and why we disagree.

Thank you to all the students who entered into the spirit of the week with great positivity and enthusiasm.