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Humanities Week

Between 7th and 11th November we invited our students to “be the change … and change the world” as part of our very first Humanities Week. Mrs Wood, Mr Newman and Mrs Cox, as teachers of History, Geography and RE, launched the theme of the week with assemblies to both year groups, each speaking about an individual whom they felt had brought about significant change to make our world better.

On Monday we were delighted to welcome Rachel, Bishop of Gloucester, who talked to Year 8 students about her role in the Church and being the first diocesan bishop in the UK and female Lord Spiritual. She spoke about her concerns for young people’s mental health that led to her creating the #Liedentity campaign to open up discussions about the power of social media on young people’s self-esteem.

Later on in the week, students and staff were invited to consider what change they would like to see in the world and suggest one small step they could take towards making it happen. Students also had the chance in History lessons to consider how fashion has brought about big changes in society, explored climate change in their Geography lessons, and came across the theme in some other subject areas, such as English and Music.

Finally, Mrs McAlpine ran a lunchtime workshop where students explored ‘zines’, mini print magazines focusing on one issue, and had the chance to make one during the course of the session.

My thanks to all staff who contributed to a very successful week, and to the students for their enthusiasm and participation.

Mrs Cox