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Section 10 Consultation

The High School Leckhampton is a brand new 11-16 comprehensive school due to open in September 2021.  The school is being built to cater for an expansion in pupil numbers at secondary level in the south Cheltenham area. The school has been commissioned by Gloucestershire County Council but is being “sponsored” and developed by Balcarras School. Balcarras is a highly successful 11-18 school situated in the heart of the Charlton Kings area of east Cheltenham. Consistently rated outstanding by Ofsted, it has also been recognised by The Sunday Times as the most successful comprehensive school in the South West (2017, 2018 and 2019).

Balcarras was appointed as the sponsor for The High School Leckhampton by the Regional Schools Commissioner for the South West (RSC SW) in June 2018. Balcarras was recommended to the RSC SW by Gloucestershire County Council who selected our bid from a range of potential sponsors following a competitive process earlier that year.

The Balcarras Trust has a statutory duty to consult on its proposals for the school. We carried out an initial consultation in September 2017, which was prior to our appointment as the school’s sponsor, and we have recently concluded a six week consultation period on the school’s admissions policy.

Whilst the local authority are certain that there is a sufficient demand for extra places at secondary level in the south Cheltenham area, to enter into a Funding Agreement with Secretary of State we have to be able to prove that we have shared our plans with the local community and that there is broad support for the school.

Included in this consultation are the following documents:

  1. Letter about the consultation
  2. The High School Leckhampton Aims and Values Statement
  3. The High School Leckhampton Overview of Site Plans and Facilities
  4. The High School Leckhampton SEND and Inclusion Policy
  5. The High School Leckhampton Admissions Arrangements September 2021
  6. The High School Leckhampton Priority Area for admissions map
  7. The High School Leckhampton Admissions Consultation Response from the Trust September 2020
  8. The High School Leckhampton Curriculum Statement
  9. The High School Leckhampton Prospectus
  10. The High School Leckhampton Year 1 Prospectus
  11. Information from GCC regarding the strategic need for extra secondary capacity in Cheltenham
  12. Information regarding the Geographical setting for the school
  13. Interim Travel Plan for The High School Leckhampton
  14. Balcarras School Travel Plan

For information on the planning proposals and planning consent please visit Gloucestershire County Council’s website

We would be grateful if you could complete the consultation questions by clicking here.

Section 10 Consultation opens Wednesday 21st October 2020. Closes: Wednesday 9th December 2020.